The Taoruketto

A Japanese Taoruketto Summer Towel Blanket

A high quality taoruketto in seafoam green.

There’s a good chance that you change your bedding with the seasons. At the very least, you might be lazy like me and sleep on top of your comforter with a blanket until winter comes, when you reluctantly get under the covers because it beats freezing your butt off. If that’s you, that blanket that you sleep with — that’s pretty close to a taoruketto. Specifically, a taoruketto is a summer blanket that resembles a large towel. They’re popular items in Japan simply because they are lightweight and practical.


Where to Buy a Taoruketto

It is important to note that a taoruketto really isn’t too much different from a throw blanket. If you’d be content with a throw blanket, Wayfair has plenty that would match your kakebuton perfectly. However, if having an authentic taoruketto is important to you there are a few ways of purchasing one outside of Japan.

Rakuten, AliExpress, and Beddinginn all carry taoruketto blankets, but as with all foreign purchases you should proceed with caution. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the aforementioned websites, each of them specializes in global ecommerce, with Rakuten and AliExpress operating similarly to eBay or Amazon (i.e. one website with various sellers). Rakuten and AliExpress have both developed a poor reputation from poorly informed buyers who have been ripped off by scammers. While this is certainly unfortunate, I must vouch that I personally have bought many products from from both websites and have yet to run into issues.

All things simplified, for a hassle free experience go with Wayfair or Beddinginn; if you’re feeling adventurous, go with Rakuten or AliExpress. Here are my best tips for braving the latter:

  • You can find some great deals, but if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • Seller reviews are just as — if not more — important than product reviews.
  • When in doubt, contact the seller prior to purchasing.*
  • Use a credit card so you can chargeback if necessary (especially for larger purchases).

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*In VERY simplified English. Keep in mind that English is practically guaranteed not to be their primary language.