Video Resources

Prefer videos over reading? Fair enough. This video resource page was built with the visually inclined in mind. Learn how traditional futons are made, how to lay one out / fold one up, proper care, and more!

How to Lay Out & Fold Up a Futon

Straight from the pros at an authentic ryokan. Since this is a hotel the kakebuton is covered with a fitted sheet, but for your own personal comforter there’s no need. Try to be as fast as this team!

Airing Out Your Japanese Futon

Cam explains how and when to air out your Japanese futon.

How Traditional Futons Are Made

Ever wonder how futons were traditionally made? Well, now you know.

How Tatami Is Made

Develop a new appreciation for the art of tatami making. See just how much work goes into the making of a tatami mat.